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We are the FluxFingers - the official CTF team of the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB). You might know us from the hack.lu CTF which we organize yearly. All of our active members are students of the RUB. In contrast to our mostly theoretical lectures we consider CTFs to be a great practical exercise and try to participate in as many of the competitions as our studies allow us.

Are you interested in practicing your offensive skills and joining us? We offer an open "course" for beginners, called FluxRookies. Learn more on the team page.


Information security Capture-The-Flag contests (CTFs) are international competitions requiring deep technical knowledge of security vulnerabilities. Points are earned by exploiting either a range of challenges or other teams' servers, depending on the type of CTF. If you want to learn more about CTFs head on to ctftime.org, a global ranking for CTF teams.